I have my life back from coma limitations!” The extraordinary Shion Ulrike Buschner enrolled in Lightness of Being in February 2020 to recover from a coma, improve concentration and memory, and restore daily life functions. Fully restored and choosing further evolutionary embodiment progress, Shion continues to advance toward longevity lifestyle goals.

Shion and I share an afternoon visit after a year of deep connection with the one-to-one mentored Lightness of Being Self Discovery and Inner Ecology healing program. Our reunion was a precious moment to savour as we begin new adventures of healing and friendship.

We enjoyed sitting in the garden, sipping rose and basil herbal tea in the warmth of the early spring sunshine blessing the budding, greening and blossoming of Presili Welsh countryside nature.

Our lunch proved an enchantment of foraged herbal soup with a slice of the sourdough bread from the Farm Shop followed by a sorrel salad enlivened by lime juice, currents, finely cut apple and wild violet flowers, and steamed quinoa harmonized lightly with olive oil and lemon juice, a dash of salt and pepper tossed with fresh wild garlic, parsley, and coriander leaves brightened with golden gorse flowers. The best of nourishment on all levels was shared and appreciated by two women elders who share affinities for the mysteries of life, healing, service and spiritual practice.

Shion’s progress is reported on the home page of this website along with a video filmed in August 2020. We have continued to work together because Shion’s passion for spirituality and life harmony inspires a willingness to learn more of the teachings to add to her professional acupuncture practice, sound healing events with her partner, Bear, and their shared offerings to guests at their B & B Glandwr holidays near Pontsian, Wales.

Shion says: “We offer a number of retreats throughout the year as well as sacred sound and meditation gatherings. Glandwr is a place of peace and healing offerings and a chance to just be and drop out of the business of your day-to-day life. It is also a comfortable and kind base to explore the wonders of Wales.” Find Glandwr on B & B sites and on Facebook.

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