Prove the teachings: Recover function, regain strength, embody joy of being. Shion Ulrike Buschner and I enjoyed a profound mentoring connection over six months with her holy shift health, healing, and wellness program, she in Wales and myself in London and Devon.

We met for the first time when she arrived for her contribution conversation of Prove the Teachings filming. After her arrival,l we walked to the Leechwell Holy spring in fresh breezing from the moors along stone flowering lanes.

SHION’S HEALING JOURNEY. From needing a stick to walk to full mobility, moving through recovery from a coma to full function on all levels, through purification and regeneration to transformation, health, healing, and wellness as pure truth proves the teachings.

Willingness to take responsibility, create health as a priority, and achieve balance through understanding cause and effect to create a longevity lifestyle of strength, purpose, joy, gratitude in daily life as an authentic human being in relationship to self, others, nature, and our planet with respect, kindness and generous contribution.

SHION SHARES: “Lightness of Being Self Healing is profound, Beyond healing the body, I grew spiritually, I evolved as a healer as I healed deep wounds, increased confidence in work and relationships, and released damaging belief systems. Embodied as a wisdom Elder to stand tall in awareness, I am in awe. I proved the teachings! Thank you, Farida.” –Shion Ulrike Buschner, Acupuncturist, Musician, Wales, UK

After we set the stage for the filming, Becky arrived from a film trip in Swansea, bright and ready to go. We were both touched deeply by Shion’s eloquent story of her healing journey.

After morning coffee a la cacao style, we shopped in the market for organic fruits and vegetables and enjoyed spiced chai at the flower pot welcome table we talked with Rosie Martin and discovered she was a botanical artist recovering from a stroke that completely changed her style and we make plans to visit her studio.

After a rest and afternoon snack of avocado, olives, basil, and turmeric kim chee, we set out to visit local artist, Rosie, in her studio. In the evening we walk to the river and in the lights, music, and laughter of an outdoor bistro, we order vegan burgers and enjoy the delicate misting rain as we walk up the High Street.

Before Shion’s departure, we participated in the long wait in the customer line to purchase Kumar’s dosas in the Totnes Market Day Square. After watching his dynamic creation of our dosas, we sat on the stairs enjoying the market view as we ate our delicious vegan dosas with shared happiness.

Life feels blessed and richer for our living connection of giving and receiving with respect, harmony, and mutual gratitude. Filled with lovely feelings, I settle into a quiet and restful Sunday before the coming week calls for attention to creative projects.

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