“Thank you so much for all the Lightness of Being study materials, books, and iris photos. They are truly astonishing. I want to heal myself from chronic conditions such as Lyme disease and help my family. Although my formal degree is in Biology and I work in quality medical manufacturing, I have a great passion for natural medicine.”

Maja Roblek hails from Bolnik, Slovenia. My vision for the future is to help others with this knowledge.

As a child, I harvested and cultivated herbs and wild plants and loved being in nature. I was always interested in natural treatments and now I am seeking study and information. In Slovenia, we have Naturopathy but no option to study Online.

My son has allergies, learning difficulties, and mild cerebral palsy. After I completed Reflexology training a few years ago, I give him foot massage regularly along with Sensomotor Reflex Integration to assist him to overcome his allergies and learning difficulties.

My husband is studying Jotish, meaning ‘science of light’ in Sanskrit that refers to the profound, mathematically sophisticated astrology from ancient Vedic traditions of India. He also has an interest in Ayurveda. I hope we will work together one day.”

Thank you again for everything,” Maja Roblek hails from Bolnik, Slovenia.

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