The founder of Soil and Health, a wonderful resource of Healing Arts book treasures, requested to add my books many years ago. Now their free library includes a multitude of valuable books that are out of print, or hard to find dedicated works by those who write from experience.

Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy is available on amazon and Creative Menopause is out of print so this is an opportunity to receive it free online.

Type in the author’s name on the Soil and Health hoe page. Some of my favorite books when I was a student, and now not easy to find, are offered for free in the Health Library: Dr. Shook, Herbert Shelton, Edmond Bordeaux Székely, Henry Lindlahr, Theodor Kriege on Iridology, Dr. Max Gerson, Arnold Ehret, Henry Bieler, Dr. M. Bircher-Benner and more.

Other categories are: Agricultural, Personal Sovereignty, Spiritual Freedom:

Sharan, Farida Herbs of Grace: Becoming Independently Healthy (1974) Three chapters: “Health Ecology,” (about why the body gets sick); “Nourishment,” (about how to feed it to make and keep it well); “Iridology and Inner Ecology,” (a relatively complete treatment of iridology and iris analysis).

They recently requested to add my Iridology books as well.

Sharan, Farida Creative Menopause: Illuminating Women’s Health & Spirituality. For men, this is a fascinating look at the inner life of women. And for women, it is full of wisdom and helpful information about how to age with grace and dignity.

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