“I was isolated in a care center with Covid-19 caught from an elderly person during the nursing home care I received for my car accident recovery. I take care of myself with regular herbal dosages and teas and add fresh ginger and garlic to meals at the care center. November 2020.”

September 9, 2020: “Dearest Farida, it all began with a car accident where one of my ribs was broken and I was hospitalized for 10 days. This was unexpected but became a meaningful time, disconnected from the outside, while giving full attention to healing my physical injuries. After the surgery, I experienced lung symptoms as they were injured by the broken rib. I spent nearly a month in a suburban nursing home to ensure pleural effusions were controlled during recovery.

Being on my own in care for a long time offered a beautiful time to reflect, meditate, and read the study materials. I practiced recovering my breath carefully with physical recovery exercises. My mind is clear and my heart feels light even though food in the hospital and nursing home upsets my digestive system. I believe a few weeks are needed to return to health.

Fortunately, I am recovering though it will take months to be fully ok. I like the castor oil packs very much. Thank you for your love, understanding, kindness, patience, and guidance.”

October 12, 2020: “I am back home today, happy to have food in my healing kitchen and return to our connection and healing study. Your suggestion to use recovery time for organizing photos and my computer was helpful for clearing my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for your blessings and the energy of your encouragement.  The herbs and transition diet are going well as I am now used to spices and the five flavors. My Inner Ecology personal herbal powder formula awakens my senses and uplifts my mood.

The energy flow in my body was messed up from the accident and it was difficult to concentrate for longer than half an hour without a low backache. Being a mom is difficult when I need time to heal in peace and quiet. I lose patience with my daughter who learned new habits at her grandparents’ house while I was in treatment.”

November 4, 2020: “Soon after I last wrote, the turbulence for my physical health in the last few months inspired me to progress through challenges to healing that encouraged me to fall into my inner world with deep concentration. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Your presence is with me always.”

December 22, 2020: “My daughter, Mia, and I have been through a lot during the past weeks, all kinds of conditions and changes, from home to hospital, to isolation at home, then back to the hospital where we needed medical support to deal with the virus. With pneumonia and bronchitis, I could hardly breathe as I was exhausted from coughing day and night.

Mia had acute respiratory distress which kept her in a special care zone. The cold weather in Hanoi makes our healing progress much more difficult. I am now ‘home sweet home’ again to be free in my own space where I appreciate the tiny things of daily life as I cook a healing dish or make an herbal tea with my choice of ingredients.

The Transition diet works well to help me recover as I lost weight and still eat less. Mia also has not fully regained her appetite. I cook simply, following the five flavor food combinations to help the digestive system. All that happened this autumn was a valuable experience as I learned to accept that everyone is truly alone during their life journey, especially when struggling to overcome a serious situation while having a little one to care for. I learned to look further than myself to others who were suffering at the same time, and this was exactly what I needed to prepare for my mission in life.

It has been a very special year to study in person with you online. I am so much looking forward to a fresh New Year to complete our ‘Heal as you Study’ Healing Diets Nutrition and professional study program. I am so happy to have you in my true life.’ Yours, Lavender

Lavender Tran, from Hanoi, Vietnam, enrolled in February 2020 as a dedicated student with a commitment to Self Healing and a dream to create a healthy lifestyle for herself and her daughter as she studied for a profession in the healing arts.

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