The last words I said to my spiritual teacher before he passed from this world were: “Only you can softly and gently free the silk of my soul from the thorns of this world and return me to my true home.”

When we truly devote ourselves to a teaching, a path, or a living example, we become a disciple to become, by living the path, the living example of the path we follow. To devote, dedicate, and practice a truth teaching guided by a living example of truth, the disciple seeks, receives, and filters the teachings through every exchange of giving and receiving on multi-levels of existence.

While initially, the seeking may be for truth, a true teacher, the divine, a hunger to relieve suffering or a need for purpose, the seeking itself becomes the willingness to transform into the living path by going through everything that comes to you, with the practice given to you, experiencing as a warrior choosing and willing suffering that is in itself a pain joy of love that is a part of the peace of presence becoming.

Eventually moving through whatever comes, transforms into waves of a greater love as we ebb and flow and merge into the oneness of the ocean of love. What was once such a struggle with fear imagination and physical restriction becomes a flow of gratitude living in trust with the waves a merging of seeking and presence that eventually carries us home.

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