Heal as you Study. Prove the Teachings. Become a Living Example. Thrive in Life and LifeWor

Farida Sharan Naturopath, / Founder / Director, Evolutionary Educator and authentic living example of the truth teachings of purification, regeneration, and transformation, welcomes you to the School of Natural Medicine and your personal evolution toward your life purpose.

Become a valued member of a worldwide network to become an authentic living example of embodied evolutionary education. Create a lifework as a practitioner, educator, life coach, seminar leader, researcher, health business owner or corporate paradigm shift counselor, and more. Join a flexible personal and professional path of evolution to achieve your goals and dreams.

The willingness to seek and choose to commit to a proven path of conscious choices to become the giving and receiving of love on a path of truth teachings. Living wisdom practical realities of positive awakening to the truth of the cause and effect of choices that honor and respect all life, community, nature, and our planet creates transformational healing awakening.

The gift of merging effort and grace in the humbleness of daily life ‘yes’ and ‘no’ choices inspires becoming a living example in a continuum of ever becoming, of ever receiving the gift of ever living the gratitude and joy of aliveness of true being ever becoming.

Thank you for your interest, and many blessings from a school of truth teachings that have proved their value, student by student, over 40+ years.

Explore the website, complete the contact form, tell us about your good self and your seeking for truth with natural medicine in your life and life work.

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