Mentoring is a co-creation between the mentor, who could be anyone of skill, experience, and wisdom, and the mentee, the one seeking to learn, grow and evolve.

Mentoring is an individual human kindness mentorship of mentor and mentee co-creating a relationship woven of commitment, respect, trust, honor, humor, affection, appreciation, gratitude, and joy.

Mentoring is a two-way connection relationship in that the student is seeking, questioning, and managing their own studies. They are not told what to do. Seeking wisdom or skill is a natural human behavior from childhood, however, classrooms, tests, grading systems, and the distance of teacher to student in the academic model, create a student who is forced to let go of natural impulses and follow curriculum. The student then becomes a part of a system that organizes and limits their experiences and horizons to gain approval in a culture of competition or find creativity in rebellion. Whatever happened to enjoying learning?

The co-creation of the fullness of mentoring may be and feel like a friendship, however the ship of mentoring travels into deeper levels of knowing someone. It is not counseling, psychiatry, or psychotherapy, as it is never co-dependence.

Mentoring gives space and freedom for the mentee to grow into compassionate independence, strength, courage, and creativity from their own nature, instincts, and inner wisdom.

Mentoring is a bond held in boundaries of honor and respect for the sacred trust of committed responsibility to guide another human being toward their highest potential by someone they trust.

During the process, the mentor models a healthy honoring relationship so that the mentee never experiences being taken advantage of, manipulated, or obligated in codependence.

The mentor guides and supports the mentee with a caring interest in who they are and the goals they wish to achieve, all the while learning multi-level dimensions of their interests, history, and expression so they may effectively support the mentee for their full potential.

The mentee participates in partnership with action to overcome: resistance, fear of seeking, imagining the mentor’s feelings or actions rather than asking questions, and following through with practicing and living ever-increasing skills of communication and expression.

As the mentee evolves to higher levels of wisdom, knowledge, and harmonious understanding,  they move beyond cultural memes, isms, polarities, and agendas toward their unique expression of their life purpose.

Eventually, the anchor of increasing trust results in embodiment richness of life skills and an inner connection that improves all their living, alive, awakened connection to self, nature, family, friends, community, and all that they are and all that they do.

Seek Thyself, Heal Thyself. Become Thyself. Live Thyself.

Heal as You Study. Evolve. Attain Life Purpose. Achieve Goals. Thrive.

Physically. Emotionally, Socially. Culturally. Mentally. Spiritually.


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